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Vampire BW max potential 21/03/20 (in progress) (Modern)

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    Possible 1 drop valuated:

    Indulgent aristocrat: strong effect but hard to activate, you often won't have 2 free mana to spend so basically is just a 1/1 lifelink
    Vampire of the dire moon: deathtouch is great against big creatures, our opponenet have to deal with him, but 1 power is too low
    Skymarcher aspirant : just an aggro 2/1, not bad but maybe not enough. flying is just flavor
    Vampire lacerator: a 2/2 for 1, great! but it will cost a lot of life, in my test 1 of them on turn 1 cost about 4 life. too much
    Vicious conquistador: when attack and is not blocked is basically a 2/2 (great) he can also deal damage when blocked but can't kill 2 toughness creature and in combat is just a 1 power, not bad, just mediocre

    Possible 2 drop valuated:

    Adanto vanguard: great attacker, dodge most removal but is very easy attack into a (for example) 2/2, pay 4 life, on stack your opponent cast a bolt and you have a lose/lose situation :pay 8 life for a creature or pay 4 life for nothing, in defense you can block and pay 4 life but is not that good.
    Asylum Visitor: a 3/1 for 2 is not bad , very aggro but his effect rarely trigger, no worth a slot
    Blood artist: great effect that consider every creature but a 0/1 for 2 mana is totally what you don't want in an aggro deck
    Cruel celebrant: like blood artist but only on your creatures( plus planeswalker ) and it's a 1/2 instead of 0/1, again same problem, is not an aggro card and count only your side of the field.
    dusk legion zealot:great effect draw with a creature in a tribal deck even with life loss, but is a 1/1, if it was a 2/1 like silvergill adept it would be x4 but a 1/1 for 2 in an aggro deck is very very bad
    gatekeeper of malakir: have to be considered like a 3 drop whit a strong effect like -2 of liliana of the veil but the triple black is a pain, maybe on sideboard but in the main with 4 mutavault and aether vial is not so good
    Heir of Falkenrath // Heir to the Night: a 3/2 flying for 2 is amazing but discard a card is an high cost and most of the time your opponent can kill her and 2 for 1 you
    Kalastria highborn: a better blood artist/cruel celebrant for sure, a 2/2 for 2 is good in an aggro deck and the effect is strong IF you can activate it. the problem is that it's a mana sink and often you want mana to cast creatures.
    Stromkirk condemned: a pseudo lord that can pump itself, you can fake a discard and attack, no good in x4( you can't discard so many cards) maybe a x2, sure a strong effect, not sure if deserve a slot because his effect has an high cost (discard) and you can't do every turn



    This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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