Eric's Starter Deck (Standard)

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    //Major mechanic
    Bogbrew Witch, at a cost of 2, allows one to search for Festering Newt (4) or Bubbling Cauldron (1) in the deck. If Festering Newt dies while Bogwitch Brew is in play, it allows you to give an opponent's creature -4/-4 for the turn. Bubbling Cauldron, at a cost of 1 mana, allows you to sacrifice a creature for 4 life OR sacrifice Festering Newt, causing all opponents to lose 4 life, you gaining all life lost in this way. This is the deck's main mechanic.

    //Minor mechanics
    The deck is otherwise geared at putting pressure on your opponent by having cards with the abilities lifelink and deathtouch in addition to instants and sorcery aimed at diminishing creature strength or dealing direct player damage.

    Important to keep note of which cards can be sacrificed for a specific benefit, and which combinations of doing these is most beneficial. Ie. The best time to actually pay the sacrificial cost on a card, aside from wanting what that card will specifically give you, is if another card in play requires sacrifice in order to get x. Carrying out a sacrifice in this way allows for you to double dip in the benefits while only sacrificing one creature, at the cost of doing it once.

    //Ability details
    Child of the Night - lifelink.
    Liliana's Reaver - deathtouch
    Tenacious Dead - For a cost of 2, allows you to bring it back from the graveyard. [Somewhat steep for a 1/1]
    Sengir Vampire - flying, +1/+1 counter added if a creature dealt damage by Sengir dies.
    Deathgaze Cockatrice - flying, deathtouch
    Vampire Warlord - Sacrifice another creature, regenerates Vampire Warlord. Will work off of other cards that give benefits upon sacrifice i.e. Festering Newt, Gnawing Zombie, Blood Bairn, Barrage of Expendables.
    Thunder Strike - Beefs up a creature for a turn, +2/+0 and gains first strike.

    //Considerations for Improvement
    Mutavault - Consider getting 3 more to replace some swamps?
    Staff of the Death Magus - Consider getting 3 more.
    Bogbrew Witch & Bubbling Cauldron Combo - Consider changing the ratio of these as this is a core mechanic.
    Doom Blade - Consider getting 3 more.
    Academy Raider - Consider removing.
    Tenacious Dead - Consider removing.
    Undead Minotaur & Minotaur Abomination - Consider replacing with cheaper cards with abilities.
    Barrage of Expendables - Consider removing.
    Duress - Sideboard? Only good if opponent's hand has instants, sorcery or enchantments.

    *Consider making a dominant vampire deck with player damaging red instants or sorcery. Ie. Adaptive automaton, vampire nocturnus, mephidross vampire, captivating vampire etc. so that they will buff each other as they are all creatures of the same type mixed up with lightning bolt/thunderbolt.


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    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 18)!

    Problems: Unknown card name: Zombie Tokens. · Not legal in this format: Bubbling Cauldron, Staff of the Death Magus, Thunder Strike, Wring Flesh, Doom Blade, Corrupt, Barrage of Expendables, Academy Raider, Liliana's Reaver, Bogbrew Witch, Tenacious Dead, Sengir Vampire, Deathgaze Cockatrice, Festering Newt, Vampire Warlord, Gnawing Zombie, Blood Bairn, Minotaur Abomination, Undead Minotaur, Mutavault.

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