Damia, Sage of Stone Edh (Standard)

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    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Damia, Sage of Stone, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Enter the Infinite, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Dream Halls, Villainous Wealth, Genesis Wave, Sol Ring, Buried Alive, Entomb, Reanimate, Animate Dead, Awakening Zone, Mana Crypt, Damnation, Nevinyrral's Disk, In Garruk's Wake, Liliana's Caress, Liliana of the Veil, Liliana Vess, Rise of the Dark Realms, Avenger of Zendikar, Bayou, Verdant Catacombs, Tropical Island, Misty Rainforest, Underground Sea, Polluted Delta, Dimir Aqueduct, Simic Growth Chamber, Golgari Rot Farm, Golgari Signet, Dimir Signet, Simic Signet, Grave Titan, Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Dead, Llanowar Wastes, Yavimaya Coast, Squirrel Nest, Squirrel Mob, Squirrel Wrangler, Jace, Architect of Thought, Jace, the Living Guildpact, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Jace, Memory Adept, Fathom Mage, Sultai Charm, Golgari Charm, Simic Charm, Dimir Charm, Command Tower, Reflecting Pool, Fyndhorn Elves, Capsize, Dreamstone Hedron, Basalt Monolith, Fact or Fiction, Hymn to Tourach, Mind Twist, Moonring Island, Bad River, Abrupt Decay, Nature's Claim, Flusterstorm, Treasure Cruise, Opulent Palace, Twilight Mire, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Flooded Grove, Sunken Ruins, Darkslick Shores, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, Ulamog's Crusher, Rune-Scarred Demon, Spawnsire of Ulamog, Artisan of Kozilek, Worldspine Wurm, Sea Gate Oracle, Brainstorm, Ponder.

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