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White Introduction Deck (Revised Edition) (Casual)

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    When I introduce someone to Magic, I let them choose two colors, grab the two matching decks of 30 cards, shuffle them together and hand them over a 60 card deck. I do the same with two other colors and the resulting decks get played against each other.

    Each 30 card deck has a reasonable mana curve and the creature/spell ratio matches the color. So, white and green have the most creatures and blue has the least. Also, each deck has an equal amount of cards that has a double colored mana requirement. Each deck also has one colorless card, one that supports the strategy of that color or one that covers up a weakness of the color.

    One rare of each color is included as well. This is to excite the new players and to make sure the games actually end. Some effort went into balancing all five decks, but it can be that a certain color combination ends up being better than other combinations. This doesn't hinder the purpose of these decks though, which is just to give new players a good introduction to Magic.

    Each 30 card deck includes each evergreen keyword that's currently used for the color by Wizards of the Coast. For example, trample in green, lifelink in black and white, prowess in red and blue, and so on. I didn't include the discontinued keywords like shroud, intimidate, protection and the likes. Keywords that only sporadically come up in certain colors mostly aren't included. Only so much that can be fit into 30 cards!

    Besides the keywords the general traits of each color are included as well. Think of ramp in green, card draw in blue, sacrificing in black, damage spells in red, tapping in white and so on. I've tried to include as many of them as possible, but have omitted a few on purpose as well. I haven't included milling for example, as that's an effect that's quite useless in a deck that isn't build around it.

    All in all I tried to make decks that gave the best first impression of their color as a whole. If you think these can be improved, don't hesitate to leave a message behind. I like to make these the best they can be!







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