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Akroan CrusaderAnnulAqueous FormBronze SableCatalogCathar's CompanionCathar's ShieldClaim of ErebosContingency PlanConvoluteCrossroads ConsecratorDead WeightDefend the HearthDesperate SentryDrag UnderDual ShotFade into AntiquityFate ForetoldFeral InvocationGalvanic BombardmentGavony UnhallowedGods WillingGray Merchant of AsphodelGrotesque MutationGuardians of MeletisInsolent NeonateIt of the Horrid SwarmJust the WindLightning StrikeMacabre WaltzMagmatic ChasmNylea's PresenceOpaline UnicornOtherworldly OutburstPharika's CurePrey UponProphetic RavingsPyre HoundRabid BiteRancid RatsRay of DissolutionRead the BonesReckless ScholarRoot OutSanitarium SkeletonSedge ScorpionShamble BackStaunch-Hearted WarriorStrange AugmentationStymied HopesTake InventoryThermo-AlchemistTime to FeedTitan's StrengthTraveler's AmuletTurn AsideUlvenwald Captive // Ulvenwald AbominationUlvenwald Captive // Ulvenwald AbominationUnruly MobViper's KissVoyaging SatyrWingsteed RiderWretched GryffYoked Ox