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Abrupt DecayAbrupt DecayAbrupt DecayAbrupt DecayBlooming MarshBlooming MarshBotanical SanctumBreeding PoolCollective BrutalityCreeping Tar PitCreeping Tar PitCreeping Tar PitDarkslick ShoresDarkslick ShoresEngineered ExplosivesForestGrim FlayerGrim FlayerGrim FlayerGrim FlayerInquisition of KozilekInquisition of KozilekInquisition of KozilekInquisition of KozilekIslandLiliana of the VeilLiliana of the VeilLiliana of the VeilLiliana, the Last HopeLiliana, the Last HopeMaelstrom PulseMaelstrom PulseMisty RainforestMurderous CutOvergrown TombOvergrown TombPolluted DeltaPolluted DeltaPolluted DeltaSlaughter PactSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSwampSwampTarmogoyfTarmogoyfTarmogoyfTarmogoyfTasigur, the Golden FangThought ScourThought ScourThought ScourThought ScourThoughtseizeThoughtseizeVerdant CatacombsVerdant CatacombsVerdant CatacombsWatery Grave

CountersquallCountersquallCountersquallDamnationEngineered ExplosivesKitchen FinksKitchen FinksKitchen FinksPainful TruthsPainful TruthsRavenous TrapSilumgar's CommandSpell PierceSpell Pierce