ace's Elves Will Rape your Deck (Pauper)

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    awesome pauper deck from ocyo

    While playing on a casual tournament in the local games store I noticed how some guys built an elven ultra-aggro deck using Distant Melody and an excess of mana to flood the table in almost no time. I kinda like aggro decks but they are not my forte (some Electrickery well placed ruins most of them if they're not well rounded defensively)

    Using the elvish deck as my base one I decided to build a very brutal mill deck centered around Jace's Erasures.

    All the while having a sizeable amount of creatures on the battlefield to defend myself and replenishing my HP to be on the safe side with four Wellwishers the strategy here relies on getting Jace's Erasure real FAST on the table and for that very end I includded Muddle the Mixture in this deck: gets you some defense OR the card you need to start the combo. To ensure some more chances there are some cards like Brainstorm, Thought Scour and Elvish Visionary that work in order to get the cards you need and then can combo just fine with Jace's Erasure.

    Coiling Oracle was added to speed up deck thinning while having an extra elf on the battlefield.

    Having at least a Jace's Erasure in play and several elves (6 to 10) you then can proceed with the following combo.

    Distant Melody (choose elves) + Tolarian Winds

    This will get you a nice amount of cards in hand, and most of them can be used to further your milling strategy, then you discard the rest with the winds and draw another fat stack of cards, once the milling occurs your opponent will get rid of his deck real fast.

    Hope you enjoy this deck and have fun with it :)


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