Surrak Dragonclaw: Anti-Control (EDH / Commander)

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    What does a control player do when they've had enough fun countering every spell their opponents can throw on the stack? Why, find a way to control control decks of course! The idea behind this deck is to make life for conventional control players... difficult. [[Surrak Dragonclaw]] makes all of our creatures uncounterable, so we're running creatures which all have interesting ETB triggers or other effects. [[Vexing Shusher]] allows us to make every spell in the deck uncounterable so we're running a few non-creature threats as well (namely [[Sarkhan's Unsealing]]). After landing a number of big bois it shouldn't be very difficult to close the game out. While the deck doesn't run very much protection for our big bois, but we do have [[Archetype of Endurance]] and [[Asceticism]] to help out on that front. Of course the deck is susceptible to board clears, but I've included [[Heroic Intervention]] and [[Paleoloth]] (or similar) to mitigate against boardclears. Since we're ultimately looking to land [[Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir]], [[Dosan the Falling Leaf]], or [[Price of Glory]] I decided to limit the number of instant-speed effects the deck is running to make room for extra creatures and whatnot.

    Currently, the maybeboard is home to cards that I considered for the deck but ultimately didn't make the cut for one reason or another. Please feel free to leave feedback and thoughts!


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