Orzhov Blinking Battlements (Arena Bo1) (Standard)

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    I have this deck built on Arena. My current win ratio is about 66%, on BO1, but I am tuning it, plus I just gave it a sideboard. This deck works well, and is quite consistent. With the significant opportunities to draw extra cards and filter on lands, the deck can accelerate through the multiple land draw turns that Arena tends to have. The inclusion of the mid-game and late-game mana sinks that add tokens and boost your army has had a strong impact on the decks ability to grind to an overwhelming position.

    This deck can win turn 5 or 6 with a crazy weenie army. I have gotten plenty of turn 3 and 4 concessions out of this deck because they do not have any battlefield presence, while you have 4 or 5 creatures on the board. This deck can grind out huge army battlefields as well. The big weakness is there is just not quite enough removal to keep up with weenie aggro decks when they have great starting hands.

    Premise of the deck.
    20 Enters the Battlefield creatures, all with good effects.
    - 2 Militia Bugler to likely gain a card, and bring in another ETB creature to your hand
    - 4 Dusk Legion Zealot to draw a card
    - 3 Gravedigger to retrieve a creature from the graveyard
    - 4 Ravenous Chupacabra to destroy opponents creature
    - 4 Seekers' Squire to explore, netting you a land or a choice on your next draw
    - 3 Lumbering Battlement to provide public transit for your community of hard working ETB creatures, so they can put in more work than they normally could

    There are 2 Orzhov Enforcer with Deathtouch to make them think twice about attacking. This card will spare you lots of attacks or becomes a removal magnet, which will leave you the token flyer is really handy in this deck.

    Ajani's Welcome nets lots of life as things keep coming in to play.

    Lumbering Battlement is a key card here, and it amps up the core 17 ETB creatures, turning them into a whirlwind of effects that can change the face of the battlefield in an instant.
    When it comes into play you want to pick up as many of the 17 previously mentioned ETB creatures as you can. You will not usually pick up the Orzhov Enforcer, which is there for protection and does not add to the stack when it comes back from its ride on the beast. Any attempt to bounce, exile, or destroy the Lumbering Battlement results in all those creatures coming back into play, and triggering all of their effects. Hopefully Ajani is there to welcome them over and over.

    The 4 Justiciar's Portal are for bouncing key ETB creatures at opportune times. The best use is to make Lumbering Battlement blink at an opportune time, like preventing an opponents effects or spells that target it, or to give yourself an instant army when needed. Do not hesitate to use this on individual cards as well though. Bouncing a Ravenous Chupacabra in response to removal not only keeps it on your battlefield, but takes another opposing creature out of the game.

    The 3 Mortify are there for additional removal/control of your opponents battlefield. Please avoid using these just because you have them in your hand. This card can be clutch to seal the game, or to flip momentum in your favor.

    3 Legion's Landing can help your early game beat down, and supports your ETB Weenie hoard keep momentum going into the mid game. Once it flips, it becomes a great mid-game mana sink so that you have more opportunities to tap your mana for something useful before the end of your opponents turn.

    The 2 Ethereal Absolution is a late game effect that can break a stalemate on the battlefield, as the 2 point shift for all creatures on the battlefield will usually put things in your favor. Also, the ability to remove graveyard recursion creatures from you opponent's graveyard can really save your mid game against opposing grinders. It also makes a nice mana sink for your mid to late game that also gives you a 2/2 flying token.


    Sideboard price: 12.91 € | $ 10.15

    This deck appears to be legal in Standard!

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