No-Ban List Greater Dredge (Casual)

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    This deck looks to win the game in a few different ways:

    1. Gather a mass amount of zombies with Bridge from Below by recurring bloodghast and Prized Amalgam to Sac to a Suspended Greater Gargadon

    2. Sac enough creatures to cast Greater Gargadon and if you have a Key to the city out, use it to get the damage through.

    3. Dread Return a Golgari Grave-Troll after making sure it is freaking huge.

    This deck has a few key tools to fuel its engine:

    1. Suspended Greater Gargadon - using this Sacrifice ability can be used offensively to get zombies from a Bridge From Below in your graveyard, as well as defensively to save a key creature from being exiled.

    2. Key to the City - As well as being a good way to win the game making a Grave Troll unblockable it also allows you to pitch any dredger's in your hand to the yard and get an extra dredge if you use it on any creature.

    3. Skullclamp - If you have played or watched Dredge before you might be wondering why Stinkweed Imp isn't in the list, well simply it doesn't die to skullclamp where golgari thug does. skullclamp is obviously very powerful using it to gain 2 draws to dredge for the 1 creature is pretty great.

    Important interactions:

    There are a few interactions with this deck you should be aware of while playing it, the first is easily triggering Prized Amalgam. I have found that using Golgari Thug to put a Narcomeba on top of the deck to dredge and trigger is the best way to reliably trigger the Prized Amalgam. And there is the obvious Bloodghast and Life from the Loam interaction.

    Sideboarding options:

    I wasn't quite sure how to build this sideboard for a No-Ban list format but I came up with this:
    Ancient Grudge: For pesky artifacts

    Collective Brutality: Discard outlet for Dredger's and control element, also gets around misstep

    Damping Sphere: Stops Hypergenesis, Storm, Tron, and Eldrazi Temple

    Fatal Push: For Delver, and Deathrite but mainly to kill Vampire Hexmage in the Dark Depths

    Ghost Quarter: To kill Dark Depths

    Leyline of the Void: For other Graveyard based decks like Storm or Eggs

    Nature's Claim: To kill opposing Leyline of the Void's/Rest in Peace but mainly to stop Splinter Twin.


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