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Arid MesaArid MesaArid MesaArid MesaAtarka's CommandAtarka's CommandAtarka's CommandAtarka's CommandBoros CharmBoros CharmBoros CharmBoros CharmCopperline GorgeCopperline GorgeEidolon of the Great RevelEidolon of the Great RevelEidolon of the Great RevelEidolon of the Great RevelGoblin GuideGoblin GuideGoblin GuideGoblin GuideInspiring VantageInspiring VantageLava SpikeLava SpikeLava SpikeLava SpikeLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning HelixLightning HelixLightning HelixLightning HelixMonastery SwiftspearMonastery SwiftspearMonastery SwiftspearMonastery SwiftspearMountainMountainRift BoltRift BoltRift BoltRift BoltSacred FoundrySacred FoundrySacred FoundrySearing BlazeSearing BlazeSearing BlazeSearing BlazeStomping GroundStomping GroundStomping GroundWooded FoothillsWooded FoothillsWooded FoothillsWooded Foothills

Destructive RevelryDestructive RevelryDestructive RevelryGrim LavamancerGrim LavamancerPath to ExilePath to ExilePath to ExileSkullcrackSkullcrackSkullcrackWild NacatlWild NacatlWild NacatlWild Nacatl