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Blood CryptBloodstained MireBloodstained MireBloodstained MireCollective BrutalityDarkslick ShoresDismemberElectrolyzeFatal PushFatal PushFatal PushFlooded StrandGoblin RabblemasterGoblin RabblemasterGurmag AnglerGurmag AnglerHazoret the FerventIslandIslandKolaghan's CommandKolaghan's CommandLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltMana LeakMana LeakMountainPolluted DeltaPolluted DeltaPolluted DeltaPolluted DeltaRemandRemandSerum VisionsSerum VisionsSerum VisionsSerum VisionsSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSpell PierceSpell PierceSpirebluff CanalSteam VentsSteam VentsSwampTasigur, the Golden FangTerminateThought ScourThought ScourThought ScourThought ScourWatery GraveWatery GraveYoung PyromancerYoung PyromancerYoung PyromancerYoung Pyromancer