[WIP] Dance of the Kitsune (Legacy)

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    Version 1.0 work in progress
    Assembled 5/26/15

    Girlfriend requested a fox/Kitsune themed deck. Here it is, far from perfect.

    Win the game without attacking once. Play spells and enchantments that hurt everyone, and have your Kitsune dance away the damage it would deal to you by tapping to prevent.

    Be very judicial when playing cards such as Spellshock and Manabarbs. Getting a Personal Sanctuary out early means free damage with virtually no repercussion from these cards. You can NOT rely on getting out Personal Sanctuary, figure out how to mitigate the damage from your enchantments with your Kitsune, Alabaster Walls, and Flowering Fields. Since this can be difficult while attempting to mitigate damage from an opponent, you may want to hold out on playing the double bladed sword cards that can hit you too.

    Only have 1 Personal Sanctuary out at any given time. Extras are redundant and should be kept in your hand to buff its size for Kitsune Bonesetter.

    Be cautious when tapping Kitsune Palliator as you may end up accidentally preventing damage dealt to your opponent and their creatures.

    Flowering Fields + Manabarbs is excellent since you are not tapping the land it enchants for mana

    Sulfuric Vortex can rob Patron of the Kitsune of any meaningful play, consider keeping it in your hand as a size buffer for Kitsune Bonesetter and playing it as a flash blocker with Fox Offering.

    Kitsune Blademaster should serve primarily as a blocker. Bushido + prevent damage means you can block a lot more than meets the eye.

    Sometimes letting swings through is optimal. Your valuable creatures can avoid the graveyard if you tap to prevent damage to you or cast Deflecting Palm for a nasty counter.

    Cast Lust for War on any weenies your opponent may have out. Let their creatures through your blockers and tap to prevent the damage, forcing your opponent to take 3 every turn unless he sacs or deals with the enchantment.




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