Molten Vortex Reloaded (Standard)

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    For when you want to do something really stupid without paying a lot of money.

    But a real break down of the deck. The whole 52 land deck of four vortex and four day's undoing is cute, but the odds of that deck having enough cards to payoff consistently and fast enough to not get killed by combo is scary. This deck tries to fix that. The first addition is four copies of treasure cruise which roughly translates to an extra 6 points of burn. The problem is that without sources of discard other than vortex makes this method slow. This is where magmatic insight and tormenting voice come into play. These cards both trade themselves in for an extra land while filling our graveyard at a very low cost. This cycling also let's us find some form of actual action when we do inevitably have that game where we mulligan down to three. And a final note on tormenting voice: although it does cost one more mana than insight, it can be paid with essentially useless blue mana and can discard extra copies of day's undoing or vortex, essentially allowing us to turn worthless extra copies into more fuel.

    The other five cards in the deck are an acknowledgement to the fact that our opponent will actually try to play a game of magic. The two negates and one dispel are our main board protection for vortex. Sultai control, although not extremely popular in the meta, still exists and sultai charm is a very easy way to make a game unwinnable. Radiant flames can burn out an early wide board allowing us to hopefully survive past turn four against aggro decks. And finally, sidisi's faithful is a cheap blocker that can bounce hangarback walkers.
    The sideboard is simple. Arashin clerics for burn and radiant flames for aggro. The rest is various counterspells that can be used to tune the deck for various matches. Eldrazi control? Grab the scatters and strokes, maybe the dispels if you fear instant speed effects. Against abzan aggro? Awry is a pretty nice way to take care of anything from warden to rhino. You get the idea. Games two and three should be a bit better for us given the fact that we can now play a deck with actual interaction.

    In conclusion, this deck is dumb. The amount of blind luck involved in this deck is terrifying. But on the other hand, it's unique play style allows it to work around most interaction. And even if it always loses, you're still only back 50 dollars so... whatever.


    Sideboard price: 3.78 € | $ 1.92

    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 19).

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Mystic Monastery, Shivan Reef, Day's Undoing, Dispel, Magmatic Insight, Molten Vortex, Radiant Flames, Tormenting Voice, Treasure Cruise, Sidisi's Faithful, Arashin Cleric, Dispel, Horribly Awry, Radiant Flames, Scatter to the Winds.

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