Indomitable Nahiri, Harbinger of Aeons (Modern)

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    This deck is of my own design since the spoiler of Indomitable Creativity. It started as Mono Red, and could work as such with Hordeling Outburst replacing the White Creature Generators. However, the ability to spawn tokens on an opponents End Step is to powerful to pass up. With the addition of white, Nahiri makes the perfect addition as another win condition along side Indomitable Creativity. Going two colors opens you up to a large range of sideboard options especially when you take a moment to realize that with the Indomitable Creativity game plan you cannot run Artifacts or creatures out of the Side Board.

    This deck is currently flying under the radar and as such the Ramp version seems to be the best option. However there is a strong control deck to be used here as well by ditching the ramp and replacing them with Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt. However, doing so makes the Blood Moon's weaker as they can no longer be forced out on turn two. So at the very Least they can drop to three Main, if you do not wish to move them to the Side Board altogether. If you move them to the Sideboard, this opens up four additional slots for More Planeswalkers such as Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Though the Lands should probably then come up to 21 or 22 as the ramp has been taken out and the mana curve is shifting even higher with the additional Planeswalkers. Moving the Blood Moon's to the side gives you another set of difficult decisions as the already broad and wonderful options that already strain the limits of a Side Board in these colors.

    P.S. I did recently go up to 4 Nahiri from 2. Because of such, I feel that the land base might need to come up to 21 solely on this fact. Play testing will tell. If this correction needs to be made I could see dropping a singular faithless looting to do so, It might however need to go to 3 Nahiri and still bring the land count up to 21. Though it seems like having multiple Nahiri's is never a bad thing.

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