God of Value II (Modern)

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    The deck tries to overwhelm the opponent by generating tons of value by casting creatures with ETB effects, sacrificing them into Eldritch Evolution or Cartel Aristocrat for more value and returning them to hand with Athreos, God of Passage and doing it all over again.

    On early turns, Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek and Thraben Inspector help to stay alive, while Thraben Inspector also draws you a card in mid to late game.
    After droping some creatures with decent ETB effects like Kitchen Finks or Eternal Witness, they can be sacrificed into a Cartel Aristocrat to block opposing creatures or to force a few points of damage through the enemies defense.

    The life drain from Siege Rhino will give the opponent the rest, while also providing a huge threat on the battlefield that can be easily blinked with Restoration Angel or sacrificed by one of our sac outlets and hopefully returns to hand with Athreos, God of Passage or with an Eternal Witness.
    The removal pack consists of a playset Path to Exile (in my opinion still the best spot removal in modern) and two Shriekmaw, which can't hit everything, but can be re-used a few times with an active Athreos, God of Passage.
    For the God itself, its not so easy to turn him into a huge indestructible creature, but once it happens, this guy saves you the day. Anyway, as long as Athreos, God of Passage stays an enchantment, He fulfills his purpose and is pretty hard to get rid of.

    Note: The land base is pretty far from perfect, for I built it with cards in my collection. The Wooded Foothills will be replaced with Verdant Catacombs and instead of Caves of Koilos I am going to board Concealed Courtyard in the future.

    Please feel free to comment.


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    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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