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Arid MesaBitterblossomBitterblossomBloodstained MireBloodstained MireDark ConfidantDark ConfidantDark ConfidantDark ConfidantHymn to TourachHymn to TourachHymn to TourachHymn to TourachInquisition of KozilekLiliana of the VeilLiliana of the VeilLiliana of the VeilLingering SoulsLingering SoulsLingering SoulsMarsh FlatsMarsh FlatsMarsh FlatsMarsh FlatsMirran CrusaderMirran CrusaderPlainsPlainsPolluted DeltaScrublandScrublandScrublandScrublandSensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining TopSorin, Lord of InnistradStoneforge MysticStoneforge MysticStoneforge MysticSwampSwampSwampSword of Fire and IceSword of Light and ShadowSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesThoughtseizeThoughtseizeThoughtseizeThoughtseizeUmezawa's JitteVindicateVindicateVindicateWastelandWastelandWastelandWasteland

DarkblastDisenchantEngineered PlagueEngineered PlagueEthersworn CanonistEthersworn CanonistEthersworn CanonistExtirpateMassacrePerishPerishPithing NeedleRest in PeaceRest in PeaceSurgical Extraction