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MUC Budget (Casual)

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    Mono Blue Control via Counter and Bounce with Finisher

    -The Counterspell I guess needs no explanation.
    -The efectivity of Rune Snag depends a bit on luck, they have to be played in the right moment, then they can be as good as a Counterspell.
    -Foil is as i think the best Choice to replace the expensive FoW(Force of Will) in a Budget Deck, its a Counter which can be played without Tapping Mana in emergency.
    Logic Knot, if not played too early it's often a Counter for 2 Mana, so like a Counterspell, you just should watch out to not exile Rune Snag or Accumulated Knowledge if u have still one or more of them left in your Deck.

    -Into the Roil, a Bounce Spell for everything except Lands, which could replace itself.
    -Cyclonic Rift, also a Bounce Spell for Nonland Permanents, which can be Used as a Board Sweeper later in the Game if you have enough Mana.

    -The already mentioned Cyclonic Rift.
    -Nevinyrral's Disk, after one Round for one Mana everything except Lands can be destroyed, but from both Players.

    -Arcane Laboratory, every Player can play just one Spell per Turn, for you very good, in your Turn you can play a CA or CQ Card or a Finisher or something, and in your Opponents Turn you Counter the one Spell he can play.
    -Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, very good Support for your Deck, your Opponent can play Spells just like Sorcerys, so you don't have to fear Spells in your Turn and you can play Creatures like they have Flash, so you could Play some Finishers in your Opponents Turn.

    -Confiscate, you take over a Creature from your Opponent, well I gues there is nothing more to say.
    -Call the Skybreaker, if countered or destroyed u can play it from the Graveyard.
    -Sphinx of Jwar Isle, very nice Finisher, Flyinng and Shrouded everything you need.
    -Aetherling, can pe boosted to 8/1, and made unblockable, if targeted by Spells it can be exiled until the next Turn

    -Cardadvantage(CA) is generated via Standstill, but Accumulated Knowledge and Blue Sun's Zenith could also be used, Into the Roil can replace itself (if you played the Kicker Cost)

    -Cardquality(CQ) is generated via Crystal Ball and Brainstorm (in combination with the Fetchlands, Flooded Strand, Flood Plain and Bad River) {Depending on your Budget, and what Cards you already own every Fetchland which searches for Islands could be used}, Impulse, Blue Sun's Zenith and if necessary Crystal Ball can be used to shuffle/put the not usefull Top Cards away.
    Impulse also generates CQ but works sometimes more like a Tutor and finds you a needed Counterspell.


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