R/B Win Turn 1 (Modern)

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    Is it possible to win in first turn in Modern? Yes, of course, and if we are playing first, we are not allowing opponent to even place a land on the battlefield! That's right!

    Idea came up after playing with my mono red deck, which was quite fast, but I was looking for speeding up even more. I really dislike playing long games in tournament's and FNM, where other players are staring at me and my opponent's and they are "sharing they ideas" about my hand aloud. So, when i finish my opponent ASAP, there is no problem like that. Anyways, let's move on.

    How it is even possible to win in 1st turn? Well, you need a god hand for that, but worry not, you are still, and even more deadly in further turns. To achieve first turn win you need on hand:

    1 land, exile spirit guide, pyretic ritual, manamorphose, MSS, tained strike, assasult strobe and in some point gitaxian probe.

    Yup, that's a lot, but worry not, if you are lucky, you are about to digg exaclty what you need, like drawing for free with manamorphose and other stuff.

    Full recipe for 1st turn win on Modern: get some land, for example Sulfurous springs, then exile Simian Spirit Guide from hand. Cast pyretic ritual, then cast Monastery Swift Spear, cast Manamorphose and add Black and Red to your mana pool. Take gitaxian probe for example right now, and cast Tainted Strike on MSS and assasult strobe. Swing your opponent's for 10 with infect and win the game before he can even look at his hand.

    In further turn's, things are only looking better. In turn 2 you can do the same with more "freedom", because you are possibly to have 2 lands and you can play it a little diffrent, or just play kiln fiend. In turn 3, he will propably do the rest. Basically, best thing in it is that it can win from nowhere. My opponent on Modern Event at some point had fully boarded field with nasty creatures and I was floating with 4 lands, full hand and nearly no creatues. Then, when he needed 1 turn more to finish me, i drawed Kiln Fiend, played him on the battlefield, gave him haste and drew a card with crimson wisps, placed mutagenic growth on him gave tained strike. If an opponent has strong defense, try to avoid it with apostle's blessing, or sideboard in next game Temur Battle Rage, which is basically an amazing and underrated card. Casting it on Kiln Fiend, gives us 4/2 double strike creature in turn 3, and we can pump him even much more.

    What is more, this deck is REALLY a budget deck. The most expensive in this deck are lands, which are not really need to be exaclty like they are, but this is allowing us to manipulate in further game, but it is possible to replace them with basic lands with a little impact on playablitity.

    Please, write Your suggestion about this deck, I'm looking for Your comments and opinions. Thank you for attention, and have a nice day.


    Sideboard price: 162.43 € | $ 144.10

    This deck does not appear to be legal in Modern!

    Problems: Gitaxian Probe is banned!

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