BU Cycling (Standard)

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    Control deck, cycling through cards and getting advantage off of them through Drake Haven and Faith of the Devoted. I went undefeated on my last FNM with this.

    Game Plan

    Early on I just try to survive. Vile manifestation is a good road block, and Yahenni's resets the board while also casting my 3 mana enchantments.

    After that I slowly raise my enchantment count while cycling through all my cards. Faith of the Devoted lets me stabilize and Drake Haven gives me blockers. Surviving Vile Manifestations start becoming monsters.

    Once I have enough of those enchantments each cycle starts to become incredibly oppressive. Consist supply of 2/2 fliers and draining up to 8 a turn starts to hurt.

    Abandoned Sarcophagus keeps the enemy at bay with flashback Countervailing Winds and Censor and keeps me going with flashback Archifends and Sphinxes. Flashbacking a 5/5 Hexproof can just win the game straight up sometimes.

    The Graveyard is strong for this deck, but since Drake Haven and Faith of Devoted are my real win cons, graveyard hate doesn't actually hurt me too much, especially if I side out the Sarcophagus

    Geier Reach Sanitorium is insane. It allows me to "cycle" cards without cycle (discard triggers those enchantments). I wish I could search for this land easily.

    Countervailing Wind is really difficult to use and has been removed

    4 Striped Riverwinder was unnecessary and 2 have been replaced with more usable Hieroglyphic Illuminations. (Still cycle for 1 blue)

    Really aggressive decks were giving trouble, like ramunap red, I'm gonna dig deep into the jank for Ruthless Sniper and test them out.


    Sideboard price: 6.23 € | $ 5.17

    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Apr 18)!

    Problems: Unknown card name: Feast of Scarab, Lilliana's Defeat. · Not legal in this format: Geier Reach Sanitarium, Sunken Hollow, Flaying Tendrils, Transgress the Mind.

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