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Ajani VengeantAjani VengeantBattlefield ForgeBattlefield ForgeBlightningBlightningCaves of KoilosConcealed CourtyardDragonskull SummitDuressDuressDuressDusk // DawnFaithless LootingFaithless LootingGurmag AnglerInquisition of KozilekInquisition of KozilekInspiring VantageIsolated ChapelLavaclaw ReachesLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning HelixLightning HelixLightning HelixLightning HelixLingering SoulsLingering SoulsLingering SoulsLingering SoulsMountainMountainMountainMountainNight's WhisperNight's WhisperNomad OutpostPath to ExilePath to ExilePlainsPlainsPlainsShambling VentSulfurous SpringsSwampSwampTerminateTerminateTerminateTerminateWall of OmensWall of OmensWall of OmensWrath of GodYoung PyromancerYoung PyromancerYoung Pyromancer

BlightningBlightningCrackling DoomCrackling DoomCrackling DoomGurmag AnglerGurmag AnglerNight's WhisperPyroclasmPyroclasmSlaughter GamesSlaughter GamesWear // TearWear // TearWrath of God