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Nature of the Beast Commander - Marath, Will of the Wild / ed:2013 original box (EDH / Commander)

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    "Nature of the Beast" is one of five new "Magic: The Gathering" decks from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming "Commander (2013 Edition)" releasing on Nov. 1, 2013. This Naya deck's commander Marath, Will of the Wild gets more powerful each time you cast it from the command zone, helping to add fuel to this aggressive deck.

    Curse of Chaos, Curse of Predation, and Curse of the Forsaken are three powerful enchantments that give your rivals an incentive to attack one of your other opponents instead of you. Darksteel Mutation is a cheap aura that'll render your foe's commander useless.

    Naya Soulbeast and Terra Ravager are two potent creatures who's power scales with the number of other players in the game. With all the large creatures in the deck, Warstorm Surge can end up dealing a massive amount of damage and Swiftfoot Boots will allow them to be relevant right away. Gahiji, Honored One is another new legendary creature that'll pump any creature that attacks one of your rivals or their planeswalkers.

    Tempt with Discovery may produce a massive amount of mana acceleration while From the Ashes can devastate your opponent's resources. Restore, Sol Ring, and Temple of the False God will also help you cast large spells, such as a massive Street Spasm to wipe out one of your foe's threats or even their entire side of the battlefield.

    Mystic Barrier will prevent more than one player from attacking you, and in the meantime your massive force of Beasts from Spawning Grounds let you mow down the opposition one player at a time while they go off on a wild Witch Hunt.

    There's some fantastic reprints in "Nature of the Beast." Wrath of God, one of the game's most iconic cards and a Modern staple, returns with coveted black borders. Avenger of Zendikar and Mayael the Anima are two popular creatures in commander, and Homeward Path makes a reappearance here too. This is the first time Fiery Justice is printed in the new card frame, and it also receives some brand new artwork. Eternal Dragon is another staple that's great to see.


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