U Djinn (Standard)

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    Early aggro taken from gazmon48's Standard Competitive top 8 deck.

    Chart a Course
    I don't mind running 2 copies of this. I understand that it slows down the deck in some instances, but I find that it compensates for a questionable keep or an over-aggressive mulligan. Until I really get better mastery over the deck, I'll run a pair.

    Blink of an Eye
    Hasn't done much for me. I should know my matchups well enough that I'm holding up appropriate counter magic against non-creature spells at the appropriate CMC. If it's about bouncing creatures, I can use Exclusion Mage. I'll keep this on the radar, but will exclude from my 75 at the moment.

    Warkite Marauder
    Not enough reps to see if this works well, but my best opponents have few flyers in their decks that this aggressive pirate can help deal with. I will play 2 in the side but (perhaps foolishly) none in my main for now.

    Time of Ice
    I know Sleep is probably stronger for my purposes, but I had one copy lying around and wanted to see how it plays. There are also a couple of rather aggressive decks in my meta and I think I'd benefit from 3 cards helping me race.

    Adjustments are taken from my meta notes:
    Mirror match:
    Piloted by the best player in the area who is around the level now where he's got his MOCS invite and gunning for first PT.
    He goes for an aggressive version with 4 copies of Spell Pierce and no Chart a Course.

    GW go-wide:

    GB splash W for Militia Bugler and Knight of Autumn:

    This is a spin on the existing Tier 1 GB deck splashing Militia Bugler for ridiculous consistency when combined with his Explore Merfolk. I know for fact that he has only one copy of Vivien Reid and has yet to acquire Wildgrowth Walker. Consequently he is not favoured against my deck so long as I hold up a Dive Down for his T4 Ravenous Chupacabra in particular (Essence Scatter/Spell Pierce/Wizard's Retort are also good options). He's a good mate that I run a lot of reps against, so I'm rarely caught with my pants down.
    All to say: He's the one matchup in which Exclusion Mage is a terrible card.


    Sideboard price: 8.00 € | $ 3.97


    This deck appears to be legal in Standard!

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