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Fight with Splinterfright! (Casual)

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    This deck is my most favourite Casual-Deck and it can even be adapted to be played in modern!

    The goal is simple: Get as many creatures into your graveyard as fast as possible.
    The more creatures you have in the yard, the larger will your Splinterfrights and Boneyard Wurms grow and your Kessig Cagebreakers will run amok.
    Splinterfright itself is a neat self-fueling engine, but we have the support of our guest stars:

    • Wood Sage: Can put up to 4 creatures into your graveyard (naming "Shijifukuchin Dragon" makes fun), can get us the Cagebreakers (our Win-Con) if needed
    • Satyr Wayfinder: Nets a land. = Card advantage and guaranteed land drop
      -Tracker's Instincts: It may seem counterintuitive to fetch a creature, but trust me, it isn't. You put enough creatures into the graveyard most of the times, and it will give you a creature like Wayfinder to put even more cards into your graveyard. Twice.
    • Looter/Magus + Life from the Loam: Repeatedly dredging LftL is useful for the deck's strategy and it will fetch you lands like Rogue's Passage or Soaring Seacliff to get your 15/15 creatures through.

    Gnaw to the Bone is for Lifegain, obviously (with flashback between 4 and 40 life :D )

    The Ghoultree is a 10/10 for G. Thats 2 adult Tarmogoyfs for the price of an Arbor Elf!

    Kessig Cagebreakers is our wincon. You have 10 creatures in the yard, it has to be dealt with, or your opponent is getting wolved (does that word exist?) in your next combat step.

    The one-of's are there to give evasion ( Passage, Dodge, Seacliff) or pump for Birds (Wreath of Geists).

    It can be turned into a modern deck by taking out the Wood Sages and replacing them with 4 other cards, such as 2 Reclamation Sage, 1 Pitfight, 1 Gnaw to the Bone


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