Suffering Your Sins (Hoard Format)

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    Hoard format is a solo-player or multiplayer coop game against an autonomous deck. In Hoard format players are allowed three turns to set up their defense. Then the onslaught begins!

    On the Hoard's turn cards are revealed from the top of the deck until a nontoken (or nonland) card is revealed. All cards revealed this way are cast and players have the option to respond as normal (counters and such). Creatures in the Hoard deck all have haste and attack each turn!

    If the Hoard deck loses life, then it mills that many cards instead. Survivors only win when the Hoard has been milled out!

    Suffering Your Sins challenges players with a countdown to Hell! This Hoard deck contains zero token cards, however don't expect to face one spell per turn. Many cards in the Hoard allow it to draw or exile cards to be cast. Whenever the Hoard draws cards, each of those cards will be cast at the beginning of its next turn. Any cards that are exiled with Commune with Lava are then cast immediately on the same turn! Players, also encounter cards with "X" in the mana cost. When those are cast, roll a six-sided die. The number on the die determines the number for "X". Finally, a few non-autonomous cards appear in this deck. Monastery Siege is one such card. The Hoard always chooses "Dragons". Secondly, when Nettlevine Blight is cast, any player can choose the target they control to attach it to. The enchantment will slowly eat up his or her board anyway!


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