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Skeleton (Casual)

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    MTGO Tribal Wars - Underdog Format - Skeleton Tribe (1/3 of the deck must share the same creature type). Complete Underdog format rules here:; be sure to check out all tabs. Tribal Apocalypse meets every Saturday on MTGO at 17:00 GMT - all are welcome! This deck went 4-0 and won 1st place on 1/2/16:

    The main win condition is the HelmLine combo, made possible with 6 tutors (4 Dimir House Guard + 2 Diabolic Intent). There is an infect plan with Skithiryx, that kills in two turns with Exalted (Cathedral). Finally, Contamination plus one of the ten recursion creatures (including Bitterblossom) has a chance to lock the opponent out from the beginning.


    This deck appears to be legal for DCI-Sanctioned Legacy Tournaments! (Details)


    This deck appears to be legal for DCI-Sanctioned Legacy Tournaments! (Details)

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