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4-colour no blue (Standard)

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    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Sep 2021).

    Problems: You need at least 60 cards in your main deck. · You must not have more than 15 cards in your sideboard. · Not legal in this format: Bloodfell Caves, Jungle Hollow, Opulent Palace, Scoured Barrens, Wind-Scarred Crag, Abzan Ascendancy, Arrow Storm, Bring Low, Ride Down, Rush of Battle, Ainok Tracker, Anafenza, the Foremost, Dazzling Ramparts, Firehoof Cavalry, Herald of Anafenza, Jeering Instigator, Jeskai Student, Mardu Blazebringer, Mardu Hordechief, Mardu Warshrieker, Siege Rhino, War Behemoth, Woolly Loxodon, Gurmag Swiftwing, Abzan Banner, Smoke Teller, Krumar Bond-Kin, Feed the Clan, Erase, Dutiful Return, Siegecraft, Embodiment of Spring, Singing Bell Strike, Jeskai Elder, Crippling Chill, Weave Fate, Taigam's Scheming, Cancel, Mistfire Weaver, Glacial Stalker, Bloodfire Mentor, Hordeling Outburst, Trumpet Blast, Shatter, Sultai Soothsayer, Bear's Companion, Snowhorn Rider, Efreet Weaponmaster, Winterflame, Briber's Purse, Altar of the Brood, Mardu Banner, Temur Banner, Dismal Backwater, Tomb of the Spirit Dragon, Witness of the Ages, Unyielding Krumar, Swarm of Bloodflies, Rite of the Serpent, Mer-Ek Nightblade, Kin-Tree Invocation, Disowned Ancestor, Archers' Parapet, Longshot Squad, Alpine Grizzly, Awaken the Bear.

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