FNM @ Fantasy Sports Cards: Rakdos Aggro, XLN Draft, 4-0 (Limited)

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    Getting a 3 for 1 (Fiery Cannonade vs. Sky Terror, Sky Terror, and Raptor Companion).
    Getting a 12 for 2 (Fiery Cannonade and Queen's Bay Soldier vs. Mavren Fein, Legion Conquistador, Legion Conquistador, Legion Conquistador, and 1/1 Lifelink Vampire Token x 8).
    Deciding to make Fiery Cannonade my 24th card instead of running 17 lands.
    Many helpful topdecks.
    Mark of the Vampire and Queen's Agent helping avoid death.

    Pack 1, Pick 1 was Jade Guardian. Deadeye Tracker, Walk the Plank, and Wanted Scoundrels were in the pack. If it had been just two good black cards, I would have taken one. I was still probably wrong to avoid them altogether.
    Abandoning full aggro once Boneyard Parley wheeled. Fortunately, there wasn't enough removal to lure me away from what ended up being a still healthy amount of aggro.


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