Take Flight (Legacy)

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    [WIP] This deck is Work in Progress (not finished)


    This is a 26 dollar multiplayer Legacy budget deck measured by MTGSalvation.

    The goal of this deck is to win with only Flying creatures basically.

    Favorable Winds and Gravitational Shift help with this by buffing my Flying creatures.

    Bower Passage allow my Flying creatures to evade other Flying creatures, quite nifty if you ask me.

    Scryb Ranger and Mist Intruder are my early creatures. They're not particularly strong stat-wise but when buffed by Favorable Winds and Gravitational Shift, can become pretty strong! They're used mainly so I won't be open to attacks and potentially harm my opponents pretty quickly. What's also nifty is that I can play Scryb Ranger right before it's my turn, allowing me to bluff with blue counter-spells or green pump-spells. (Which is pretty evil since I didn't include those hahaha.)

    Since this deck has no artifact and enchantment removal Trygon Predator seems like a good, strong 3-drop. It has a nice body while also being able to deal with artifacts and enchantments. Couple this with Bower Passage and it's almost certain that it triggers.

    Chronozoa seems like an interesting creature so I've included it to test it out. The idea behind it sounds really cool, especially since it can't be blocked (and thus killed that way) because of Bower Passage. Together with my two buff-cards, this creature is resillient enough to handle some hate.

    Harvest Season is a nice card to include because having a lot of lands never hurt, since all my creatures can basically attack (and thus tap) without interference by blockers, this seems a good option to include. Leafdrake Roost goes well with this because I'll have a lot of lands to enchant, while having the mana to back it up. Multiple Flying tokens each turn can quickly spiral out of control.

    Pull from Tomorrow works well with Harvest Season due to the potential to gain a lot of lands (and thus mana) while allowing me to discard redundant Bower Passages. (Although it's always good to have one back-up in your hand, just in case.)

    Glyph Keeper seems like a good end-game choice (or earlier if Harvest Season pays off) because it's bulky, can return to the battlefield and has a built-in counter mechanic, thus making it hard to kill. Its low toughness is somewhat mitigated by Bower Passage (and Favorable Winds of course.)

    It requires some time to build up since most of the creatures aren't that powerful on their own, but once Bower Passage is up, Chronozoa has had a chance to multiply and enough Drake tokens have been generated, oohh boy... Not to even mention the buff cards and what they can do to even the weakest creatures!


    Sideboard price: 11.53 € | $ 16.66


    This deck appears to be legal in Legacy!

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