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The Ur-Dragon Commander - Break the Bank (EDH / Commander)

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    This Ur Dragon Commander deck has currently a very expensive mana base which i only use because i dont have to buy these lands, if i wouldnt had them, there is a budget variant 95 cards below 5 euro (MKM prices, remaining 5 are below 10 euro). See here:

    Besides the mana base this deck tries to be as impactful as possible. I cut almost all cards which dont have an immediate effect and progress the player forwards. All of the 20 dragons are chosen due to their strong ETB or permanent effects. Most should be easy to see why they were picked. Savage Ventmaw is part of the list because hes part of a combo, Rimescale Dragon is kind of a pet card of mine which has more than enough access to Snow Mana (23 sources) and can permanently turn of a lot of threats on the field, even temporary if hes cheated into play. All non dragon creatures are to make the dragons cost less if they are hard cased, the instants are mostly for disruption and tutoring, the sorceries have the same theme plus ramp. The Artifacts are mostly ramp plus a single Lightning Greaves.

    The Enchantments have multiple objectives: finish the game with Dragon Tempest, Sneak Attack or Aggravated Assault, depending on the boardstate, while Rystic Study and Smothering Tide generate value. Rhythm and Mirari are just very good on their own. The Planeswalker are mostly there to give more mana.

    So far there are around 20 mana/ramp effect, 5 "cannot counter" effects and 11 repeatable draw effects. There are not too many board wipes and single target removal effects, but a lot of them are synergistic and there is a bit of recursion so its actually fairly easy to take complete control with just 2-3 big spells and ride that to the finish.


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