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Golos Gate Myr Token EDH (EDH / Commander)

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    This is a fairly nice budget Golos Deck that has Gates and a artifact token strategy as themes. The deck is a fairly cheap, with only Chromatic Orrery, Mystic Remora, Luminarch Ascension and Meekstone as cards which cost more than 4 Euro. The total price at time of writing it was around 85 Euro.

    The deck runs all Guildgates and the support package to have a Wincon with Maze's End. The support package is the main ramp of the deck, which fits nicely with Golos itself, but has also 10 other cards than can search or ramp Gates onto the battlefield.

    The second set of win conditions depend on the Myr and Thopter Sub theme. Mechanized Production and Tezzerets +Ability are the main ways to end the games here, but the entire theme can create a LOT of value. The Myrs itself are decent ramp creatures and allow to cast Golos second ability easier, as well as enable most of the Token Synergy.

    The Control package is mainly to prohibit attacks so that the deck can come together, since it needs quite a large board presence for that. The draw package is just synergy based and can get out of control quickly, but it needs a board presence for that to really work.

    The tutors are to get the missing pieces - nothing special here. The Mages have often multiple targets, with Trinket Mage its Meekstone, Expedition Map and Skullclamp, Trophy Mage with Chromatic Lantern and Palladium Myr while Treasure Mage can grab all the game ending threats with Magister Sphinx and Myr Battlesphere, as well as Chromatic Orrery. Recursion and Removal are definitely on the smaller side, but it should be enough to draw 1 of them over the course of a game.

    Overall the game plan is to assemble as much of the Token Synergy effects so that they provide constant mana and value with Skullclamp. Golos can help with getting cards out, even if that means that its possible to not use all the lands he reveals Senseis Divining Top is a very good upgrade instead of a Thoughtcast.



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