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Academy RuinsAphetto AlchemistAphetto AlchemistAphetto AlchemistAphetto AlchemistBrain FreezeBrain FreezeBrain FreezeBrain FreezeCounterspellCounterspellCounterspellCounterspellCuriosityCuriosityCuriosityCuriosityFuture SightFuture SightGrand ArchitectGrand ArchitectGrand ArchitectGrand ArchitectHelm of AwakeningHelm of AwakeningIllusionist's BracersIllusionist's BracersIllusionist's BracersIllusionist's BracersIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandPili-PalaPili-PalaPili-PalaPili-PalaProdigal SorcererProdigal SorcererProdigal SorcererProdigal SorcererSensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining TopSunken RuinsSunken RuinsWastelandWasteland

Academy RuinsFuture SightFuture SightHelm of AwakeningHelm of AwakeningPithing NeedlePithing NeedlePithing NeedlePithing NeedleRelic of ProgenitusRelic of ProgenitusRelic of ProgenitusRelic of ProgenitusWastelandWasteland