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Blooming MarshBlooming MarshBlooming MarshBlooming MarshChord of CallingChord of CallingChord of CallingCollected CompanyCollected CompanyCollected CompanyDwynen's EliteDwynen's EliteDwynen's EliteDwynen's EliteDwynen, Gilt-Leaf DaenElvish ClancallerElvish ClancallerElvish ClancallerElvish ClancallerElvish VisionaryElvish VisionaryElvish VisionaryElvish VisionaryEnd-Raze ForerunnersFinale of DevastationForestForestForestGnarlroot TrapperGnarlroot TrapperGnarlroot TrapperGnarlroot TrapperGrowing Rites of Itlimoc // Itlimoc, Cradle of the SunGrowing Rites of Itlimoc // Itlimoc, Cradle of the SunLlanowar ElvesLlanowar ElvesLlanowar ElvesLlanowar ElvesLlanowar WastesLlanowar WastesMarwyn, the NurturerMarwyn, the NurturerOvergrown TombOvergrown TombOvergrown TombOvergrown TombShaman of the PackShaman of the PackShaman of the PackShaman of the PackSteel Leaf ChampionSteel Leaf ChampionThorn LieutenantThorn LieutenantThorn LieutenantThorn LieutenantUnclaimed TerritoryUnclaimed TerritoryUnclaimed TerritoryUnclaimed TerritoryWestvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane PrinceWestvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane Prince

Abrupt DecayAbrupt DecayAbrupt DecayHeroic InterventionHeroic InterventionLeyline of the VoidLeyline of the VoidLeyline of the VoidNissa, Voice of ZendikarNissa, Voice of ZendikarReclamation SageReclamation SageShapers' SanctuaryShapers' SanctuaryShapers' Sanctuary