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Acidic SlimeAid from the CowlAnafenza, the ForemostAncient TombArchon of JusticeAshen RiderBirthing PodBojuka BogCauldron of SoulsDeadbridge ChantDeathrite ShamanDebtors' KnellDemonic TutorDiabolic TutorDictate of ErebosDoom WhispererDuplicantElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteEternal WitnessEvolving WildsGolgari Grave-TrollGolgari SignetGrim HaruspexHarvester of SoulsHaunted CrossroadsImmortal ServitudeJourney to Eternity // Atzal, Cave of EternityJourney to Eternity // Atzal, Cave of EternityKalitas, Traitor of GhetKitchen FinksLife from the LoamLiving DeathLurking PredatorsMassacre WurmMazirek, Kraul Death PriestMimic VatMortifyNim DeathmantleNoxious GearhulkOrzhov SignetPanharmoniconPriest of Forgotten GodsProtean HulkPutrefyRavenous ChupacabraRazaketh, the FoulbloodedRune-Scarred DemonSandsteppe CitadelSelesnya SignetSheoldred, Whispering OneSkullclampSol RingSolemn SimulacrumSun TitanTeneb, the HarvesterTerramorphic ExpanseTeysa KarlovUnburial RitesUtter EndVampiric TutorVictimize