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Conduit of RuinConduit of RuinConduit of RuinEldrazi MimicEldrazi MimicEldrazi MimicEldrazi MimicHedron ArchiveHedron ArchiveHedron ArchiveHedron ArchiveHedron CrawlerHedron CrawlerHedron CrawlerHedron CrawlerKozilek, the Great DistortionMage-Ring NetworkMage-Ring NetworkMage-Ring NetworkMage-Ring NetworkMatter ReshaperMatter ReshaperMatter ReshaperMatter ReshaperMirrorpoolOblivion SowerOblivion SowerOblivion SowerOblivion SowerRogue's PassageRogue's PassageRogue's PassageRogue's PassageRuins of Oran-RiefRuins of Oran-RiefSea Gate WreckageSea Gate WreckageShrine of the Forsaken GodsShrine of the Forsaken GodsSpatial ContortionSpatial ContortionSpatial ContortionSpatial ContortionSpawning BedSpawning BedSpawning BedSpawning BedThought-Knot SeerThought-Knot SeerThought-Knot SeerThought-Knot SeerTomb of the Spirit DragonTomb of the Spirit DragonTomb of the Spirit DragonTomb of the Spirit DragonUlamog, the Ceaseless HungerWarping WailWarping WailWarping WailWarping Wail

Altar of the BroodAltar of the BroodGuardian AutomatonGuardian AutomatonGuardian AutomatonScion of UginScion of UginScour from ExistenceScour from ExistenceScour from ExistenceScour from ExistenceTitan's PresenceTitan's PresenceTitan's PresenceTitan's Presence