Tortured Madness (Pauper)

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    This is my new baby. This abzan colored deck utilizes both Tortured Existence and the Madness on Grave Scrabbler.

    Your key card is Tortured Existence. This is your engine and while the deck can function without it, it won't be nearly as good. You win the game through attrition.

    You should always be spending mana. The deck is mostly black mana so you can trade a bad creature for a cycler to draw, or pull back something Scrabbler to gain value, etc. Use your T.E. or Font when you can.

    **Combos (with Tortured):**
    Grave Scrabbler - 1BB to return 2 creature cards and put Grave into play.
    2 Grave Scrabbler + Sac outlet or chumping - 1BB get a creature back to your hand
    Golgari Brownscale - BB for 2 life
    2x Golgari Brownscale - B for 2 life
    GraveScrabbler(in hand) + Viscera Seer (in play) + any creature (keep returning any creature and abuse etb or discard effects)
    Cyclers - Cycle any card for B and either 2 life, G or B (Depending which is in graveyard)
    Dredgers/Satyr Wayfinders/Commune - Natural synergy/ Self explanatory

    Game plan:
    Mulligan: You can be pretty greedy with your hand thanks to the cycle creatures and satyr wayfinders. Keeping 2 lands is fine when you have your green. You really do want to have T.E. in your starting hand vs control so feel free to dig for it. Against aggressive decks, mull for your fogs.

    Early game: Cycle Street Wraiths, Deadshots and Architects of Will, play Tortured or search with Commune or Satyr to get what you need

    Mid game: Life gain if necessary (Golgari Brownscale, Saruli Gatekeepers), remove threats with Journey, trade 1 for 1

    Late game: Utility (fogs, graveyard removal, gain life to get out of range), grind out your advantage.

    Vs decks with black, don't overcommit your graveyard or you may lose a lot to Bojuka Bog or Crypt Incursion in game 1
    G2: Assume they have graveyard removal and don't put more than a few creature in it
    G3: If you haven't seen anything last game about your graveyard, you can play more loosely but don't go too far just in case
    **Matchups/Sideboard: **

    Affinity and Tron or similar: -1 Crypt Rats, -1 Auramancer, -1 Saruli Gatekeeper, +2 Moment's Peace, +1 Gray Merchant
    Just fog and gain life, save Journeys for Eldrazi as Annihilator get's around fogs

    Burn: -1 Crypt Rats, -1 Street Wraith, +1 Gnaw to the Bone, +1 Gary

    MonoU: -2 Journey to Nowhere, -2 Street Wraith, -1 Font of Return, +3 Crypt Rats, +2 Scattershot Archer
    Use the last 2 journeys on Spire Golem
    If no Spire Golems or big creatures: -4 Journey to Nowhere, -2 Street Wraith, -1 Font of Return +3 Crypt Rats, +2 Scattershot Archer, +2 Moment's Peace
    Make sure your opponent is tapped out and you have 1 extra mana when trying to resolve Tortured Existence or Crypt Rats.
    Keep him off his little creatures, gain life and fog, get your Brownscale engine online

    Turbofog and Circle of Protection or similar stall decks:
    -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Font of Return, -1 Spore Frog, +1 Battlefield Scrounger, +1 Gary, +1 Mournwhelk, +1 Crypt Rats, +2 Faerie Macabre
    Best way to beat is draining with Gary and Crypt Rats. Battlefield should save your graveyard. Use Mournwhelk and Faeries to disassemable their hand and graveyard

    Familiar Combo: -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Font of Return, +4 Faerie Macabre, +1 Spore Frog
    Remove their Ghostly Flicker (and other cards as you can) when they hit the gy, kill CoF with Rats. Use spore frog to fog every turn if they try to win through the red zone. This is basically a game when you force them to mill themselves out as they dig out of a hole.

    Domain, Mono W, Aggro decks with small creatures:
    -4 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Font of Return +2 Moment's Peace, +3 Crypt Rats

    UB Control, 5C Snow-go and other draw-go decks:
    -3 Saruli Gatekeepers, -1 Crypt Rats, +1 Battlefield Scrounger, +1 Gary, +1 Mournwhelk, +1 Faerie Macabre
    This is a grind matchup. Keep playing things, recycle with Scrounger, exile Teachings with Faerie, drain their hand with Mournwhelk

    Mono B: -2 Street Wraith, +1 Crypt Rats, +1 Gnaw to the Bone,
    Play this one very carefully, don't leave too much in the gy until they play BojukaBog or whatever graveyard hate they have
    Lifegain and cycling spore frog should help you survive as long as you Journey their Anglers until you can wipe with Rats

    When in doubt or not listed bring in:
    Aggro or creature based combo - fogs and rats
    Control or value matchup - Battlefield Scrounger, Mournwhelk, Faeries
    Graveyard based - Faerie Macabre


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