Meren, what is death? (EDH / Commander)

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    A Meren deck focused around Sacking creatures and making your opponents do the same.

    Sakura-Tribe Elder + Meren = deck thinning and Mana Fixing
    Shriekmaw/Caustic Caterpillar/Reclamation Sage/ Woodfall Primus + Meren = Board stays the way you want it.
    Fleshbag Marauder/Merciless Executioner + Dictate of Erebos/Grave Pact + Meren = Big laughs
    Add in Zulaport Cutthroat, Savra, Queen of the Golgari, Massacre Wurm, It That Betrays, and Blood Artist to add value to sacking creatures and making your opponents do it as well.

    Need fuel to sack? Awakening Zone, Bitterblossom, and From Beyond got you covered.

    It wouldnt be a good Meren deck if things arent in the graveyard. Bring on the dredge. Use Buried Alive early game to get Golgari Grave-Troll, Life from the Loam, Dakmor Salvage, or Brawn to start the graveyard value train. other then the dredge ability itself you can use Nyx Weaver, Grapple with the Past, Realms Uncharted, Sudden Reclamation to dump some cards in the graveyard.

    So you have things in the graveyard. Cool. Meren isn`t the only way to get them back. Reanimate and Animate Dead are good enchantments. Sepulchral Primordial will get things from your opponents graveyards, Ramunap Excavator will help get those lands back that you dredged, and Sheoldred, Whispering One and Nyx Weaver will get things back from your graveyard.



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