RUW Control - Post Twin Bannings (Modern)

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    "How to deal damage in increments of three."
    Bolt snap Bolt you, Resto angel flicker snap bolt you, Vendilion click bolt you, Keranos Bolt you, Pia and Kiran Nalaar shock you...

    If they have small creatures they're probably dead after all of that. If they're bigger set them on the path to exile.

    The deck is set up to beat creature based fair decks in the main board with excessive amounts of value and difficult to deal with threats. This deck is very hard to pilot well as a categorical knowledge of modern is needed in order to use the sideboard effectively. The deck has lots of answers, but i'l admit the curve is bloated around the 4 drop slot. As snap casting 2 mana spells, cryptic, pia and kiran, ajani, as well as angel all clog up the four drop slot. Not to mention the additional pia and kiran and Jace in the board. That being said there is an excessive amount of early game interaction and 8/11 creatures having flash means that play go games suit you.

    The sideboard is the crux of the deck, it's crippling against certain strategies. Counterflux and dispel for against other blue decks - you have an insane main board against them anyway. You need more value then jace and an additional pia and kiran can come in against your jund and abzan opponents, not to mention the relics. Sowing salt blood moon and stony silence make tron salty. Wondering why not crumble to dust instead of sowing salt... Because it has salt in the name and soon there will be salt in the game when you exile an urza's tower.
    Kozilek's return against your zoo or tokens decks. Wear // Tear against your boggles or affinity - not to mention stony silence.

    The sideboard cards that can be changed are pia and kiran and jace depending on meta. If you expect to face a lot of BGx decks then jace and pia should stay in. If you suspect your meta is full of another type of deck then these are the cards to exchange out as the main board already has enough value.


    Sideboard price: 80.95 € | $ 45.61

    This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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