G/R energy aggro 1st place on 4 out of 4 FNM! (March 2017) Tested v2.2 (Standard)

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    First of all, thanks to everyone who liked the deck, and made it the top deck of the week and possibly son to be top deck of the month, and to show how grateful I am ill begin adding the guide.


    Q1. Why so many creatures instead of going all out pummeler combo?
    A= Short answer, consistency, this is not a “for fun deck” this is a competitive deck, and in order to do that it needs to perform well every time it’s played, and this way the only thing you need is to shuffle correctly. (seriously).

    Q2. What should I keep on my opening hand?
    A= I’ll go more in depth regarding that but the 1 card you need to have is …….. 1 green mana. Forest, aether hub or untapped game trail. (ill go more in depth regarding mulligan choices but that’s the golden rule for the deck).

    Q3. What’s up with the maybe board ?
    A= As stated this is a “Tested deck” and im building it, those are cards I´ve tried and used, and evaluated their performance, so, if they’re still in the maybeboard they might come back.

    Q4. Can I suggest you something ?
    A= Absolutely yes, I might not add it but ill certainly consider it if you make your case, meaning
    I’ll consider.
    -Hey you should add “X” because of “X” reason and posibly “X” match up.
    I’ll not consider.
    - Hey, add “X” and remove “X” K Tnx Bai.
    If your reasoning proves to be correct and it performs well when “tested” ill add it to the deck, (and credit you).

    Alright to the important question!


    - Electrostatic Pummeler.
    Some may say it’s the core of the deck, I call it a win condition. This deck is fully and absolutely capable of winning without using a single pummeler, Its still very important because it can win games as soon as turn 4 and its one of your strongest game changers along with the Bristling Hydra, and if you’re in a pinch its capable of bouncing you back and either win the game or take the lead again.
    There is one rule with the pummeler, if youre going to attack with it, make sure it will either win the game or kill so many of your opponent creatures.
    When playing against control make sure you have some way to protect it.
    * Blossoming Defense, Heroic Intervention, and Dispel, want to be there for your pummelers.*

    - Bristling Hydra.
    This is your main creature, once its already in the game its going to be extremely hard for your opponent to remove it. even when trading it’s a tough call for your opponent if you have energies.
    Use the 3 energy ability exclusively for the hexproof to kill a removal, to get out of “trade” rage, and as a finisher to win games, any other situation save the energies.

    - Lathnu Hellion.
    This creature reminds you how frail 20 life is, chances are you’re going to be able to hit atleast once or trade with a decent creature that’s in your way, either way it’s a win win for you.
    If you’re low on energy let them die, if you have spare energies consider keeping them 1 extra turn. Also consider the energy they produce as not their own.

    - Longtusk Cub.
    This is one of the most misplayed creatures there is in my opinion, you won’t win the game by making a 5-5 cub, or at least not quicker than saving those energies for something else. In my current testing they’ve been able to produce 2-6 energies consistently, and your opponent will rarely block it if you have the ability to pump it beyond trading range, especially when in their eyes “if they don’t block it, it will just cost them 2 life”.

    - Scrapper Champion.
    Although still under “testing” they’ve exceeded my expectations consistently, while being a powerful defender (remember, double strike counts as first strike also), they’re also capable of ending games like the pummeler but without needing the energy, also if you have a decent opponent he will make sure you can’t attack with a pummeler.

    - Servant of the Conduit.
    Its there to fix your mana and to help you be quicker than your opponent remember it also works as a Aether Hub in case you need to use a Dispel.
    You will rarely attack with her, I consider it to be a surprise mana. (I know I know, how can it be a surprice mana if her skill is right there in the card ?!?!, quick answer, if you have many ways to spend your energy in a single turn your opponent will have a hard time deciding what you can do.

    - Voltaic Brawler
    This creature is the real heath of the deck, not even the pummeler is as important to this deck as the brawler, why you ask ? easy. Its only 2 mana, it gies you energy, it has the lowest cost to activate an active ability of the creatures, he can give itself trample and make your pump spells able to 1 hit ko latter in the game, early in the game it can hit for 3 mana or get out of most creatures trading range with just 1 energy, basically its presence is always welcome may it be early or late game, (ofcourse if its early game its terrific).

    What makes this deck different from many other agro decks, is that when other decks “run out of fuel” you are going to be able to manage your resources and be able to play the late game, what differentiates a good player from a bad one using this deck is their ability to know when to compromise resources “for the kill”. The most frequent mistake I´ve seen when I lend my deck or with similar decks is people using the pump spells just to “deal life damage” when they’re not killing the opponent, remember you have creature superiority in most match ups, what you want to do is compromise pump spells to be able to 1 turn kill or to 2 turn kill, (while having that already prepared).

    * Note *

    - Is some one is STILL reading this please continue to like it, that way I'll take the time to write a mulligan guide.

    - You can ask me anything on the (Discuss Tab), ill answer to every comment.


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    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Apr 18)!

    Problems: Attune with Aether is banned! · Not legal in this format: Game Trail, Rush of Adrenaline, Uncaged Fury, Dispel.

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