sUpercharger (Modern)

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    6th EDIT: The final deck that I own is what is on the decklist. I'm going to playtest a few times against some buddies and come back with some changes.
    just a note: I keep thopter spy network and thopter assembly in there (the thopter assembly is to find with other cards) for situations where I have to sac my creatures (i.e. a mono black sac deck).
    5th EDIT: Threw in a Platinum Emperion over the Colossus because I need a way to stop late game aggro from ending my life. I threw in 4 Thrummingbird and took out 4 Vedalken Infuser because of the tempo, and I really just want to try it out. Might go back to the infusers or perhaps 2 and 2.
    4th EDIT: I'm retarded, tolarian academy isn't modern legal.
    3rd EDIT: I know that tolarian academy would benefit this deck a lot. Like more than a lot. It would actually make this deck pretty extreme. But the truth is I do not have 80 or even 40 dollars to spend for them, so for now they shall sit in the maybeboard with the rest of the cards I think might help the deck :(
    2nd EDIT: Took out the sundering titans, found out I needed some regen so I put the welding jars in the side and now they're probably going in most of the time. EDIT: I threw in the sundering titans from the board because I was offered a trade and got them. They should really be one of the first things you pick up with the treasure mage if you have the mana.
    Unless some fucker has 100% artifact removal, this deck can hang with the best (tested). With the right combo you can a get 9/9 turn 3. best starting hand is two islands, a chalice, coretapper/energy chamber, an etherium sculpter, a tezzeret and a titan forge. When in doubt, add to the chalice(s). Use your treasure mages to grab the bigs, (darksteel forge first, most likely; thopter assembly if you find that your opponent is making you sac[better play would be to throw in the summoning station, but I don't have that shit]). Use the trinket mages to grab more chalices or a key. The archmage's/thopter spy network keep you drawing, but throw in the foresee or whatever you want (maybe a treasure cruise) if you feel you need more card draw. Take out the counterspells if you think you don't have enough blue (but you should have quite a bit by the time you think about throwing it). Swap out the high mana shit in the sideboard for some situational cards to grab depending on the matchup. There's some game-changing shit in there. GET YOUR FUCKING ISLANDS.



    Sideboard price: 14.06 € | $ 11.90


    This deck appears to be legal in Modern.

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