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Ancient AmphitheaterAncient AmphitheaterAncient AmphitheaterAncient AmphitheaterBattlefield ForgeBattlefield ForgeBattlefield ForgeBattlefield ForgeBorderland BehemothBorderland BehemothBorderland BehemothBrion StoutarmBrion StoutarmCathedral MembraneCathedral MembraneCathedral MembraneClifftop RetreatClifftop RetreatClifftop RetreatClifftop RetreatCrib SwapCrib SwapDevouring LightDevouring LightDevouring LightFavor of the MightyFavor of the MightyFavor of the MightyFortified RampartFortified RampartFortified RampartHamletback GoliathHamletback GoliathInferno TitanInferno TitanIntimidation BoltIntimidation BoltJareth, Leonine TitanJareth, Leonine TitanMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainOpal-Eye, Konda's YojimboOpal-Eye, Konda's YojimboPlainsPlainsPlainsStinkdrinker DaredevilStinkdrinker DaredevilStinkdrinker DaredevilStinkdrinker DaredevilSunrise SovereignSunrise SovereignSunrise SovereignTimely ReinforcementsTimely Reinforcements

Crush UnderfootCrush UnderfootCrush UnderfootGeosurgeGeosurgeGeosurgeHold the LineHold the Line