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Hungering Depths (Casual)

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    This is a mono-blue, devoid Eldrazi deck. While it is currently standard-legal, it features quite a few one-ofs and follows a theme that captures the flavor and lore of the Eldrazi. It's probably best played as a casual deck for fun :)

    The ultimate goal here is to ramp into a win condition (Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, Bane of Bala Ged etc.) all the while tapping, exiling, countering and healing along the way to get in massive creature damage and protect your life total.

    *Use removal and counter-magic wisely, and recur those using Ulamog's Reclaimer.

    *Clutch of Currents and Adverse Conditions are versatile in their abilities to cover you offensively and defensively. Use AC to tap down and bash in or to hold threats at bay. Use Clutch on your own creatures to recur enter-the-battlefield effects.

    *REMEMBER to untap Endbringer on EVERY untap step, not just your own.

    *Scour From Existence can be replaced with All Is Dust for maximum rage mode. So can Gruesome Slaughter, but that card is so full of flavor I had to use it... It's also hilarious to see it wipe a board.

    Enjoy the satisfyingly salty taste of your friends' tears!


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