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GW OTG Draft breakdown (Standard)

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    The 1 through 4 drops are mostly for utility, defense, mana ramping, and harassing the opponent if they are moving slow. This deck is not designed to be used in a set with a lot of field wipes. Try to go as wide as possible then use the big beefy brawlers to secure the board position. Sideboard in a couple of removal spells only if the deck is getting overpowered. If the deck is getting outpaced, trade out a couple of the fatties for the smaller creatures.

    Bane of Bala Ged:
    Best brawler in the deck. It's big and chops away at the opponent's board position everytime it attacks.

    Birthing Hulk:
    Easy to protect since it regenerates itself. Also dramatically increases the number of creatures on the board and hits for a nice unhealthy amount. The blighted woodland comes in handy since we would rather not sacrifice a creature to regenerate this thing unless absolutely necessary.

    Hedron Crawler:
    The one colorless mana ramping ability is far more valuable than it appears, especially since it can hit the field so early.

    Spawnbinder Mage:
    Amazing board control and excellent blocker. Helps a lot if you are getting overpowered. Ironically, the 2 power makes her a decent attacker as well.

    Sylvan Advocate:
    2 drop 4/5 in many cases, otherwise he's still a good blocker with vigilance. I actually got the Awaken off of Sheer Drop which yielded a 5/5 land creature because of Sylvan Advocate.

    Pulse of Murasa:
    Outstanding card in almost any creature deck. Gain 6 life at instant speed for 3 mana is broken on it's own, but that's not enough so grab one of your beatsicks out of your graveyard too.

    Vines of the Recluse:
    Outstanding combat trick in draft. Opponent rarely sees it comming because it untaps the creature as well. This card often causes the opponent to loose a creature while getting nothing in return.

    ----Worth Mention----
    Cliffside lookout:
    Figured i should explain why this little shithead is in here. She's a 1 drop which is imparitive for a deck that tries to go as wide as possible. She's one of the best 1 drops in white because she has a bit of late game potential as well. Let's not forget she's an ally for the Cohorts to use.

    Kor Skyclimber:
    In most games, against well built decks, she will either be the only one getting decent damage in, or another option for blocking flyers.

    Ondu War Cleric:
    Makes life rediculously hard for tempo decks. Cliffside lookout starts to look a lot better when this guy is on the field too.

    Ruin Processor:
    For those wondering why this is here: It's draft, I work with what i'm given. This deck doesn't exile a damn thing EVER, which makes his ability a massive buzzkill. However, he's still HUGE and I needed a big dumb knuckle cruncher to fill this slot, so there he is.

    Stalking drone:
    Just an extra body to go against well made control decks. Hedron Crawler and Blighted woodland can supply colorless mana if they show up, otherwise, either make due with the 2/2 or sac' some eldrazi scions to get it's ability off.

    Inspired Charge:
    Great card to take advantage of the creature swarm if you get it.



    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Sep 2020).

    Problems: You need at least 60 cards in your main deck. · Not legal in this format: Eyeless Watcher, Sylvan Advocate, Makindi Aeronaut, Birthing Hulk, Cliffside Lookout, Tajuru Pathwarden, Pulse of Murasa, Sheer Drop, Vines of the Recluse, Ruin Processor, Kitesail Scout, Ondu War Cleric, Hedron Crawler, Scion Summoner, Kor Sky Climber, Saddleback Lagac, Bane of Bala Ged, Netcaster Spider, Spawnbinder Mage, Blighted Woodland, Fertile Thicket, Inspired Charge, Lead by Example, Shoulder to Shoulder, Warping Wail, Stalking Drone, Kor Scythemaster, Roil's Retribution, Tandem Tactics.

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