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White/Green Ajani Cat Deck (M19) (Standard)

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    The deck is very fast and has a perfect synergy.

    Turn 1: Ajani's Welcome, Sacred Cat, Leonin Vanguard or Authority of the Consuls.
    All options usually make a living in the 2 turn.

    Turn 2: optimal is Ajani's Pridemate, who becomes 3/3 either through Ajani's Welcome or through an attack with Sacred Cat!
    But you could of course also play other Sacred Cats or Leonin Vanguards.

    Turn 3: you can either play Pride Sovereign, which then gets 1-3 tokens and maybe already 5/5!
    Or you play Prowling Serpopard and you are now safe from creatures counter.

    Or more cats, preferably another Ajani's Pridemate and another 1er cat to control the battlefield!

    Turn 4: we have many options. If we can play offensively, we'll skip Leonin Warleader, who will bring us cats with lifeklink in the next turn, making the Ajani's Pridemate bigger and further increasing our Battlefield superiority. Or you could use planwalker Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants, to make cartoons stronger or bring back a ruined Ajani's Pridemate!

    Defensively, we either use Ixalan's Binding to take out enemy enchantments like Cast Out, Seal Away or opposing Ixalan's Binding. But Planwalker or annoying creatures can be removed from the SPiel longer!

    My secret weapon, however, is Gideon's intervention, because you know what the opponent is playing and you are not allowed to play certain cards, slowing down and annoying your opponent!

    Turn 5: In the best case, Regal Caracal comes in, which pimps all cards and gives lifelink! I'm just saying RocknRoll!

    To protect our creatures against mass removel and single remvoel, I play Heroic Intervention. as we normally have several cats out there and we can protect them all!



    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season Apr 2018 — Oct 2018).

    Problems: You cannot play more than 4 of: Heroic Intervention, Ixalan's Binding.

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