Tasigur Realized (EDH / Commander)

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    - Combos that make Infinite Mana -

    Argothian Elder + Maze of Ith = Infinite Mana, but only in combat

    Phantasmal Image + Palinchron = Infinite Mana, provided you have no painlands

    Palinchron + Eternal Witness + Ghostly Flicker = Infinite Mana, this seems to be more efficient than dramatic scepter

    Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal + 3 mana worth of painless "rocks" onboard = Infinite mana + Storm Count, note that if you only have 2 mana worth of rocks it still creates infinite storm count for Aetherflux Reservoir

    Palinchron + Cabal Coffers/Urborg (UUUU8) = Infinite Mana

    - Combo Outlets for Infinite Mana -

    Once you have infinite mana, activate Tasigur's ability until no nonland cards remain in your graveyard and then

    A. Use Beast Within to destroy all nonland permanents you don't control, generating a beast for each cast. Use Reality shift on a beast each opponent controls enough times to exile their entire library. This is the only combo that can be used in combat unless you already have an Aetherflux Reservoir in play.

    B. Use Swan Song and any spell to create infinite swans. Cast Time Warp. Cast Seasons Past to put it on top of your library. Take your extra turn, drawing Seasons past. Swing lethal.

    C. Cast Aetherflux Reservoir. Cast a spell infinite times. Gain arbitrary amounts of life and kill the table with the reservoir’s ability.

    - Other combos that Win the Game -

    Mystical Tutor/Demonic Tutor/Dark Petition + Seasons Past + Time Warp = Infinite Turns, if mystical tutor is used the player effectively "skips" their draw step, so I recommended to have a fetchland in the yard so that you can declare a win.



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