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Abandon HopeArcane EndeavorArcane MeleeArcane SignetAs ForetoldAzorius SignetBaral's ExpertiseBruvac the GrandiloquentCapsizeCaptain N'ghathrodCast Through TimeChromatic LanternChromatic OrreryCommander's SphereConsuming VaporsDiluvian PrimordialDimir SignetEmancipation AngelFirja, Judge of ValorForbidGilded LotusGitaxian ProbeHedron ArchiveHeliod, the Radiant Dawn // Heliod, the Warped EclipseHeliod, the Radiant Dawn // Heliod, the Warped EclipseJace's SanctumJunji, the Midnight SkyLorcan, Warlock CollectorMana CryptMarch of Otherworldly LightMarch of Swirling MistMemory CrystalMind StoneMind's DilationMuse VortexMystic SpeculationNarset TranscendentNymris, Oona's TricksterOrzhov SignetPhyrexian ArenaProfessor OnyxSee DoubleSharuum the HegemonSight Beyond SightSol RingSpell BurstSpelltwineSynthesis PodTalent of the TelepathTalisman of DominanceTalisman of HierarchyTalisman of ProgressThe Mightstone and WeakstoneThought VesselThryx, the Sudden StormUnwinding ClockVedalken OrreryVictory ChimesVisions of DreadVisions of DuplicityWhispers of the MuseWhitemane Lion

AllayBaral, Chief of ComplianceBlessed ReincarnationCorpse DanceDemonic CollusionDeny RealityDisturbed BurialEnigma SphinxEvincar's JusticeForceful DenialIngenuity EngineLab RatsMind GamesNomads' AssemblyOji, the Exquisite BladeOjutai's SummonsPonderRecruit the WorthyRemandReshapeSlaughterTomb of Horrors AdventurerTorgaar, Famine IncarnateUndead AlchemistUrza, Lord Protector