Frontier Duel Decks #1: Angels vs Dragons (Angels deck) (Frontier)

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    Angels Deck

    I love Frontier, but it is hard to find a game. If MTGO supported it then it would be all that I would play. Alas, I'm stuck playing kitchen table Frontier. Often I have found my decks to be lopsided or to just not be favorable matchups. To fix this problem I'm going to do a series of decks designed specifically to go against each other, my own take on duel decks.

    My goal is to build the decks as evenly as possible. I want them to curve similarly, both have sub-themes that work against each other. Also the decks must have answers for the powerful cards in the other deck. Once the core of the decks are built I then want to balance out the support cards so the decks perform evenly.

    ***A key factor to these decks is that there are no sideboards. the decks are meant to perform well out of the gate against the other. No need for sideboard answers to balance things.***

    I first thought of building a Dragons deck. Once I had a deck chosen I then tried thinking of what would matchup up well against it. After considering a few different archetypes I decided to stay tribal. The problem with most tribes i considered was that the Dragons simply fly over the top. Then the your so stupid moment kicked in as it became obvious that Angels matchup up perfectly. So here we go.

    Step 1: Add Angels

    a) Resplendent Angel
    *at 3cmc it is an easy addition and is the backbone of the deck.
    *we will be playing tons of ways to make Angel tokens.

    b) Gisela, the Broken Blade
    *Gisela was always outclassed in Standard by Gideon, however curving resplendent Angel into her gives her way more power.
    *first strike means that she wins combat versus all the 4cmc dragons she faces.

    c) Lyra Dawnbringer
    *she is the hammer and works so well with Resplendent Angel.
    *an anthem effect in a beatstick is really nice.
    *first strike lets her outclass most the opponents Dragons.

    d) Shalai, Voice of Plenty
    *must be removed if she is accompanied by any of the bigger Angels.
    *the pump is very relevant in stalled boards.

    e) Angel of Sanctions
    *Archangel Avacyn was also a choice here, however Avacyn has the potential to do a lot of damage to your own creatures in this slower moving deck.
    *Dragons has removal built into to creatures in the form of etb's so it is important that there be an Angel to provide removal.
    *a way to deal with Sarkhan.

    f) Linvala, the Preserver
    *if you are behind she catches you up in a hurry.
    *5 toughness puts her out of range of most the Dragon decks removal.

    Step 2: Support Cards
    *unlike Dragons, the Angel deck does not have specific cards that help out Angels so these cards have to be more focused directly on supporting the archetype.

    a) Selfless Spirit
    *protection for your Angels at a low cost that can also do some early damage.

    b) Knight of the White Orchid.
    *gets outclassed very easily, however it does provide the deck with ramp ability.
    *much weaker on the play.

    c) Oath of Nissa
    *card draw in a deck that will draw very few cards

    d) Dromoka's Command
    *removal, +1/+1 counter, or an answer for Draconic Roar.

    Step 3: Removal

    a) Stasis Snare
    *a good catch all for creatures.

    b) Cast Out
    *catch all
    *helps with Sarkhan.

    c) Blessed Alliance
    *will hit a powerful creature most the time.
    *great to pair with Resplendent Angel

    d) Declaration in Stone
    *cheap exile any creature.
    *has the potential to exile multiple copies of a Dragon.

    Step 4: Land

    Windswept Heath x4
    Canopy Vista x4
    Sunpetal Grove x4
    Scattered Groves x2
    Forest x1
    Plains x8
    Field of Ruin x1



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