Best Golgari Graveyard Strategy? (Reanimator) Deck 3 of 4 Post-Rotation (Standard)

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    I've been working on post-rotation standard decks and have turned my focus to the Golgari graveyard theme. As i have stated in the previous two decks, I feel the Golgari suffer from the problem of having many good cards that work off the graveyard, but they do so in competing ways. So I am looking at building decks that satisfy each graveyard archetype.

    For this deck I am going straight reanimator. The objective of the deck is to dump creatures in the graveyard that we can pull out later. Pretty basic overall. In this build we can actually return multiple kinds of permanents, making the archetype even stronger.

    The deck is going to be Sultai as Muldrotha, the Gravetide is perfect for this deck and surveil is an excellent ability to set things up.

    ***Even though this is a reanimator deck with a very specific theme, I do not believe in playing bad cards just to make synergy work. The result of that is if your synergy isin't online then it is a dead card. The deck only plays cards that you would play anyway. (So no Stitcher's Supplier because it is an unnecessary garbage card outside of adding cards to the yard, the deck does that anyway).

    Step 1) What is the decks core?

    1) Muldrotha, the Gravetide
    this is the reanimator target of all targets. It is a huge creature and actually allows you to reanimate multiple permanent types each turn.
    reanimating lands and enchantments will help make this a scary reanimator deck.
    *allows us to replay The Eldest Reborn.

    2) The Eldest Reborn
    a 3 for 1 that allows us to reanimate a creature or planeswalker. It not only hits our stuff, but the opponents as well.
    this card is so good it plays in non-reanimator strategies, in this deck it is amazing.
    *reanimates our other reanimation source.

    3) Vraska, Golgari Queen
    we are not overly worried about sacrificing our permanents because we can always get them back later. Many of them are creatures that are being played for their ETB's.
    The Abrupt Decay effect can help us out of a pinch against more aggressive decks.

    Step 2) What are our reanimation enabler's?

    1) Evolving Wilds, Field of Ruin, and Memorial's
    lands that can be sacrificed are awesome in this deck since you can bring them back later.
    Muldrotha actually causes a loop where you can play the land off Muldrotha, then sacrifice it and play it again next turn (process continues).

    2) Glowspore Shaman
    it dumps three and has the option to fix your draw step if you need land.
    3 power actually lets this trade up with a fair number of attackers with 3 toughness.

    3) Jadelight Ranger
    can dump as many as two creatures, but also is card advantage in the forms of land.
    can also be a decent attacker/blocker for 3cmc.
    *doubles as a reanimation target in a pinch.

    4) Thought Erasure
    *one for us and one for them, also fixes our topdeck.

    5) Chemister's Insight
    jump start lets us pitch a permanent for our reanimators.
    it can be played out of the graveyard which fits so well with this deck.

    6) Plaguecrafter
    removal that is better against midrange then it is aggro.
    Puts itself in the yard, but works even better targeting Chupacabra or Hostage Taker (that has already cast the creature).

    7) Notion Rain
    surveil helps to set the strategy in motion.
    drawing cards is going to be a necessity as we plan on seeing some long games.

    Step 3) What are the best things we can reanimate?

    1) Ravenous Chupacabra.
    *removal on a stick. You can sac it or chump it at will since it is more valuable out of the yard in the late game.

    2) Hostage Taker
    exile on a stick. Gets better as the game goes longer.
    probably the best target for The Eldest Reborn because it exiles and you have enough mana up to cast the exiled creature that turn.

    3) Josu Vess, Lich Knight
    *the payoff here is with The Eldest Reborn. If you have six mana available, and you should, when the trigger goes off you can target Josu and pay the kicker cost. Blowout city.

    Step 4) Are there any other cards that work off the decks synergy?

    1) Journey to Eternity (could be cut)
    You have to be very careful not to get two for one'd, but once you land this there are all kinds of uses for it.
    It is both a mana fixer and a decent reanimator.
    *returning a sacrificed etb creature is likely to pay off big in your favor.
    this card can be a dead draw, after testing it could get replaced

    2) Dead Weight
    *great early game removal that you can actually replay with Muldrotha.

    Step 5) Add Assassin's Trophy

    1) Assassin's Trophy
    *need to have a way to kill anything that comes up.

    Step 6) Mana Base
    13 blue
    17 green
    16 black
    try to have significant basics to support Evolving Wilds and Field of Ruin.

    Step 7) Sideboard
    *for now I am running generic answers to problem cards or archetypes that sub in easily for cards that would do bad in that matchup.


    Sideboard price: 18.90 € | $ 14.13

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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