Chainwhirler & History of Benalia (post rotation) *updated for week 3* (Standard)

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    This is my attempt at building a deck that can play both Goblin Chainwhirler and History of Benalia. It will not be easy to tax that mana base hard enough to offer the opportunity to play both, but by doing so you get to play some really powerful cards together.

    The final deck list (disregarding lands) is pretty impressive. Every turn from turn 3 on you will be playing a card that is among the best in standard. The big question is if it is worth it to play this terrible mana base. You are essentially playing 4 Guildgates and 2 Evolving Wilds so that you can play Goblin Chainwhirler. If players do play 1 toughness creatures in high numbers at the start of the format it may be worth it to pack 4 Chainwhirlers and still play mana instensive white cards. I'd like to put this deck to the test.

    ***After completing the deck I took a closer look at two cards I had slotted in.***

    Swiftblade Vindicator
    *it actually does very little in the deck. You want to play History or Chainwhirler on turn 3, therefore you just have a 1/1 double striker sitting around. If turn 4 is Phoenix then you still have a 1/1.

    Tajic, Lehion's Edge (so wrong here, see my edit below)
    *there is not much for it to mentor. History tokens and your two drop only. If the opponent is playing black it can't even mentor Knight of Grace.
    *at least Legion Warboss can mentor its own token, and the Warboss can sit back and just make pesky tokens every turn.

    Note: I reversed my thinking on Tajic. It is explosive in this deck.
    *Tajic can mentor more than you think at first glance. It mentors Knight of Grace most the time and Dismmisive Pyromancer all the time. This makes both these cards real threats. Tajic can also mentor Benalai tokens, which really make them formidable, especially with their vigilance.
    *Tajic helps protect our creatures from red removal. This will be very important at the start of standard. He also takes away Lava Coil, red's answer to Phoenix.
    *Tajic's haste as a finisher is something that the deck is otherwise lacking.
    * Tajic's interaction with Aurelia is perhaps the most important. Aurelia can pump Tajic so that he can mentor every creature in the deck (besides Lyra). A pumped Tajic can also mentor Aurelia herself (even with Lyra on the battlefield).

    Updated for week 3:

    a) I cut Dismissive Pyromancer. The card often sat on the board as a 2/2 for many turns doing nothing. The deck tends to curve out very well so it couldn't even tap to filter cards until late in the game.

    b) Moved Remorseful Cleric to the main board. Golgari is everywhere. While there are many builds, nearly all of them take advantage of the graveyard in some way. A main board answer is amazing. On top of that, having a 2 powered flyer can net you a few attacks throughout the game and since it survives far more combats than Dismissive Pyromancer, it is a much better mentor and pump target.

    c) Added Tocatli, Honor Guard to the sideboard. The main reason is to shut down explore and Chupacabra. This deck only plays etb in the form of Chainwhirler (which has few targets against Golgari).
    *I read a lot of people say online that THG is not a good answer for Golgari, just an annoyance. In a deck like this it is more than an annoyance. Golgari is not packing a lot of removal that does not come off an etb, and you really do not want to take turn 4 off to play Vraska's Contempt or tick down with Vraska, Golgari Queen to kill this (alternatively you also do not want to ramp me into my midrange flyers a turn in advance by casting Assassin's Trophy).

    d) Changed Ixalan's Binding to Conclave Tribunal. At some point this may be switched back, but having the option to cost reduce feels better right now.

    Note: I am still evaluating the removal package. Lava Coil is better than Justice Strike at times, however there are still some major threats out there that Justice Strike takes care of. I am still on Lighting Strike for its versatility, but this may be the spot to add in additional Lava Coil's.

    e) Lava Coil has become a necessity in this meta. Even with Rekindling Phoenix on a down tick right now, we need to keep the Golgari graveyards as empty as possible to reduce the effectiveness of Golgari Findbroker and Find // Finality.

    Updated Again:

    a) Cut Tocatli Honor Guard.
    *To be honest it just feels like a crap card, even when it is doing great work. I played it turn 2 against Golgari and it did what it was suppose to do: they could not cast their creatures without them being vanilla. So they had to use removal on it, slowing them down and wasting their removal. All positives right? Well, I had a 1 power creature sitting on the board and I wanted to play aggressive. It still couldn't attack into their vanilla's.
    *It just ruins this decks tempo. You want to be plowing into Golgari with threats every turn and then finish them off with flyers (hopefully before they drop their PW"S).
    *A third issue was what to cut to sideboard them in. I ended up cutting Chainwhirlers since THG turns off the etb. Except I'd rather play Chainwhirler since it does pick off explore creatures without counters and the first strike is great in combat with the explore guys.
    *Knight of Grace and Remorseful Cleric are already the 2cmc creatures you want, so there is just no room leftover.

    b) Decided to sure up my games versus aggro with additions replacing THG.

    +1 Settle the Wreckage (also great against any creature heavy deck and evasive creatures)

    +1 Shalai (turns off reds direct damage suite while also being great against many other decks heavy on removal)

    +1 Lava Coil (answer to Rekindling Phoenix and just another great removal option for times when Justice Strike is not ideal).

    ***My next step is to evaluate Sorcerous Spyglass. I never side it in. It just does not target enough things of importnace to justify losing the tempo. It mostly answer PW's but it still doesn't do that since you want to be fast against Teferi decks or at least play creature protection. Against Golgari you have multiple targets, but which one do you choose? It might shut down one PW, but you may get demolished by a different one come the midgame. Much like Tocatli, I feel I'd rather play something that can be more aggressive.***
    Options- Lightning Strike or Banefire? I don't know yet, but it feels like two slots are available to me.


    Sideboard price: 45.37 € | $ 26.82

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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