Dedicated to Barry Allen- The Flash (The JLA series) (Frontier)

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    Love the JLA, and with the movie coming out this summer (let's hope it's not terrible) I thought I would do a deck dedicated to each of the main characters. This is my first in the series so be sure to check out the rest.

    The Flash! So it's all flash creatures and other spells played at instant speed.

    This is a great deck for FNM. My buddy Paul loved showing up with these decks back at the old LGS. They are very difficult to play against, especially for less experienced players. The unknown is scary in MTG. It's much the same as playing against a control deck piloted by a good player when you are still green to MTG, you are always a little on edge as you try to figure out the right play and overthink what cards are in your opponents hand. Flash decks play much the same, except the opponents threats are getting bounced and countered while you are building a board state. Awesome tempo gameplay.

    To do this a little different I will start off with the cards that I did not include and why:
    1) Torrential Gearhulk. Was in, then wasn't. Just am not playing enough instants main board for optimum efficiency. The best removal options available are enchantments. Also, is a little higher on the curve and slower then I want to be with the deck. When we play Avacyn or Emerge Deep-Fiend I want to be putting the game to bed soon after.
    2) Collected Company. Need to dedicate close to 30 creatures that cost 3 and under to play CoCo efficiently. CoCo has its own deck and it is already crazy and takes advantage of many of these cards, however we are a little too big for CoCo. Deep-Fiend splashed in a CoCo deck could do some work, not that the deck needs it.
    3) Planeswalkers. Takes us away from our flash theme. With all the enter the battlefield triggers present a Saheeli splashed in would be some lol's.

    1) Archangel Avacyn. The main reason to play the deck. She is just devastating. The best part of her is shenanigans on your opponents turn where you make your dudes indestructible and block the crap out of their attack, serving as a pseudo board wipe. Then you get to swing big on the back swing.

    2) Elder Deep-Fiend. Our second blowout card. Tap down the opponent on their upkeep then blow the doors off them on your turn. You can also just tap down potential attackers then finish the game on the back swing. Deep-fiend also triggers Kozilek's Return which is amazing synergy, just be careful of your own board state (play Avacyn after Deep-Fiend if blowing things up with KR). A note on the deck... Avacyn and Deep-Fiend on consecutive terms is hilarious and soul crippling for the opponent.

    3) Spell Queller, Bounding Krasis, and Harbinger are our tempo creatures that deal with our opponents early game.

    4) Surrak Dragonclaw. Since we are playing red then Surrak is a solid inclusion. Great against control and also against small creature decks.

    5) Quickling. Let's us replay all our creatures and serves as pseudo protection against removal. This is the decks last inclusion and would be the first card replaced if a solid cheap flash option became available.

    Noncreature Spells:
    1) Censor and Disallow. Best counterspells in the format. Combined with Spell Queller, we are playing a great counter package to get us to the midgame.

    2) Stasis Snare, Blessed Alliance, and Cast Out. Solid removal package. When coupled with the creatures and our counterspells, there should be no trouble being able to out tempo the opponent.

    3) Dig Through Time. By far the best card draw in the format. I have considered playing some card draw lower on the curve, but there is not a fantastic card draw spell as an option. Anticipate is the only real option and it is not strong enough to be viable in my opinion.

    Mana Base:
    The mana base is solid, despite being 4 colors. The green and red are both only splashed and are more than supported due to the 8 fetch lands and man lands. The man lands help push some damage through. The deck plays a one of tri land and Aether Hub to help insure we can cast our spells.

    The sideboard will change over time as the meta changes (true of any sideboard in any format, of course).


    Sideboard price: 29.71 € | $ 16.05

    This deck appears to be legal in Frontier!

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